4/14/19 LLNL HPC! Deep Learning Win

This win by AMD was announced previously. Nevertheless it’s good to know that:

Lawrence Livermore National Lab has deployed a 170-node HPC cluster from Penguin Computing. Based on EPYC processors and Radeon InstinctGPUs, the new Corona cluster will be used to support the NNSA Advanced Simulation and Computing(ASC) program in an unclassified site dedicated to partnerships with American industry.”

The new Corona cluster will bring new levels of machine learning capabilities to the CTS resources. The integration of HPC simulation and machine learning into a cognitive simulation capability is an active area of research at LLNL.”

If this LLNL deployment of Epyc and Radeon Instinct proves to be great for deep learning application in the HPC setting, then AMD may well have many more wins in this type of workload. It is worthwhile noting that AMD is in the unique position to offer both CPU and GPU, and can even offer discount as a combined package, something Intel and Nvidia cannot do.

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