8/9/19 AMD has Ryzen! Rome is Amazing!

It has been two days since the Rome launch. AMD went to an intraday high of $35.5 amid a sea of red, and settled at $34.19, a reflection of the market’s newfound optimism for AMD.

Here is a Forbes article saying all roads lead to an Epyc Rome, here.

Barron’s has put out a very favorable article on AMD, here.

ExtremeTech praises “the second golden age of AMD”, here.

RBC’s Mitch Steves is bullish on AMD, raises price target to $43.

Supermicro and Gigabyte have both launched incredible lineups of server platforms, in support of Rome. This kind of OEM enthusiasm is crucial for Rome adoption in the enterprise segment.

Hans Mosesmann of Rosenblatt Securities continues to be a strong bull on AMD, saying how this may well be “one of the biggest turning point in the history of Silicon Valley, strong words indeed.

Linus Torvalds chimed in, praising Zen 2, and said Ryzen R9 3950X may well be his next CPU, replacing his Intel i9-9900K, here.

Eric Jhonsa of TheStreet did an excellent interview with Lisa Su, and is well documented here. The video is well worth watching, as it covers many areas of great interest.

TBWA\London has won AMD’s global advertising account. This is great news since this is the perfect time to finally start a strong marketing campaign, and should be worth every penny. AMD is at an inflection point (per Lisa Su), not just for market share, but also for mind share.

Finally, TSMC has announced performance-enhanced 7 nm and 5 nm technologies. This bodes well for AMD’s future road map of Zen 3 and Zen 4.

In summary, now that Rome has been revealed to third party reviewers, and NDA has been lifted, we can finally conclude that the hype is real and Rome is the turning point for AMD!

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