8/30/19 Dog Days of Summer

I have been lazy in writing. Hiking in Glacier NP was most spectacular!

AMD is back to 31.45. The month of August was perfect for options play on AMD.

Servethehome.com had put out these articles praising Epyc Rome.

Lenovo AMD Epyc 7002 Servers Make a Splash. Lenovo going big with these servers is excellent for AMD. They offer features Intel Xeon is unable to match!

AMD Epyc 7002 Series Rome Delivers a Knockout.

New Supermicro AMD Epyc 7002 Platform Innovation.

On top of winning over the hyperscalers, AMD needs to win over enterprise users as well. This is where AMD needs full support from the likes of HPE, DellEMC, Lenovo and Supermicro, etal.

It now appears that support for Rome is much deeper and wider than with Naples.

CRN.com put out these four great articles on Rome as well.

AMD EPYC Rome Server CPUs: 6 Important Things To Know.

HPE’s Tom Lattin: AMD EPYC Single-Socket Is A ‘Breakthrough’ For TCO.

Forrest Norrod On Why AMD EPYC ‘Rome Kicks A**’

How AMD Plans To Win Over Solution Providers With EPYC ‘Rome’

Forbes published an article touting Epyc Rome, specifically on how “the single socket thing is real”.

Jon Peddie Research has reported that AMD Radeon had gained market share for both overall and discrete GPU (AIB) markets. This is before the release of 7 nm Navi GPUs. AMD should continue to increase share in the coming quarters with release of more Navi AIB cards, which are selling out very quickly.

Asus is finally using Ryzen Mobile CPUs (3500U and 3700U) in the ZenBooks, which previously were strictly Intel. These new design wins in the mobile space is very important for AMD, and later on the 7 nm Ryzen APU can drop in quickly into these notebooks. This was reported in Anandtech.com, here, and in Notebookcheck.net, here. The Zen+ mobile APU already is competitive against Intel offerings, but the Zen2 APU (Renoir) should beat Intel decisively.

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