1/25/2019 AMD 20.85 to 21.93

Charlie had stated that Intel’s 10 nm has been killed. Now Intel is continuing with 10 nm, even though it is severly weakened. In order to proceed to 7 nm, they needed to overcome some challenges at the 10 nm anyway. However, yield and performance continues to be a problem for 10 nm. Therefore 10 nm is kept alive for PR. It will be abbreviated as Intel transitions to 7 nm. All in all, not good for Intel. I am skeptical of Intel pushing out 10 nm server CPU even in 2020.

Very good adoption for Epyc in HPC.



AMD is emphasizing the CPU + GPU combo, as in AMD + AMD or Ryzen + Radeon and Epyc + Instinct. Pagemaster and Norrod both got a promotion. All this sounds good. However, adaveinus2 is very pessimistic and thinks AMD is doing poorly, thus requiring a management shakeup.

12 cores in the wild, found by APISAK.


ASMedia reports excellent earning because they made chipset for AMD, and now they will make chipset for Zen 2, further projecting more revenue into 2019. Very upbeat.


Shrinking DCG business for Intel.


Advainus2 has sold all his (huge) AMD position few days ago and plan to get back in as late as July. I can’t say I agree with that move. I am not as pessimistic. We will see by Jan 29.


Very good write up on the Cannon Lake mobile CPU, which was sold to Chinese market (education) and not readily available. This was done a while back as PR to show that Intel 10 nm is on track and commercially viable. But all Intel can manage was an i3 chip, with iGPU disabled. This laptop requires an AMD Redeon RX 540!


Many analysts are now downgrading Intel. Hmmm.

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