1/27/19 Sunday

AdoredTV came out with this video discussing Zen 2. In summary, 7 nm chiplets for everything AMD is making (non-Radeon). This will be great for binning, because they can use same chiplets for consoles. Customized 14 nm I/O dies for server, Ryzen, APU and Ryzen mobile.

5 GHz is likely. L3 cache is doubled. AMD will use cross bar connection between chiplets, not just through I/O dies, in order to decrease latency. He speculates that 12 cores Ryzen will come out first, top out around 5 GHz. AMD may hold 16 cores back until later, to maintain momentum.

Amazingly Lisa Su directly commented on Twitter to Jim’s latest video (see above), pretty much affirming what he had covered IMO.


“In June, there will be a second wave of T series ThinkPads, which will include the new ThinkPad T495 and ThinkPad T495s. In Lenovo’s naming scheme, a five at the end of a model number typically denotes a AMD based model, so it seems like Lenovo will release AMD-based T series models for the first time.

As last year’s X280, the Thinkpad X390 will also have an AMD counterpart. This model will be called ThinkPad X395.”

In short, Lenovo will be releasing ThinkPad T495, 495s and X390, all using Ryzen Mobile 3000 cpus. This bodes well for AMD in their gaining mobile market share.

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