9/27/19 AdoredTV Comes to the Rescue, the Mystery of the Zen 2 6 Cores Chiplets

Jim at AdoredTV posted a much welcomed YouTube video called “AMD's Make or Break”. He had been taking a break from posting videos, as well as reserving such videos to patreons only. So when he put out this video, it was much appreciated! In this video, Jim went through some likely calculations of the yield… Continue reading 9/27/19 AdoredTV Comes to the Rescue, the Mystery of the Zen 2 6 Cores Chiplets

9/24/19 Digitimes Spread Rumor About Ryzen 3950X

Today Digitimes sent out a “before going to press” email about an article to be published soon: "AMD delays Ryzen 9 3950X launch due to unsatisfactory clock speeds, sources claim" "Unsatisfactory clock speeds are associated with the delayed launch of AMD's 16-core Ryzen 9 3950X processor, which has nothing to do with support from its… Continue reading 9/24/19 Digitimes Spread Rumor About Ryzen 3950X

3/22/19 Market/Tech down big AMD 27.89 to 26.37

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jRCGsZCYowg AdoredTV on Google Stadia Jim at AdoredTV released this video about Google Stadia. He is very positive about the prospect of Stadia and how AMD will benefit from this partnership. AMD was specifically and prominently mentioned by the presenter, and he thanked Lisa Su by name. Jim thinks the customized GPU is a 16… Continue reading 3/22/19 Market/Tech down big AMD 27.89 to 26.37

1/27/19 Sunday

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wjVjHce8uME AdoredTV came out with this video discussing Zen 2. In summary, 7 nm chiplets for everything AMD is making (non-Radeon). This will be great for binning, because they can use same chiplets for consoles. Customized 14 nm I/O dies for server, Ryzen, APU and Ryzen mobile. 5 GHz is likely. L3 cache is doubled.… Continue reading 1/27/19 Sunday

1/16/19 AMD 20.40 to 19.73

AMD down on light volume. No reason. Some report of Intel buying AMD, which is nonsense. Another rumor of Intel luring Lisa Su over for CEO, unlikely IMO. Seems like market is waiting for ER, which should be Jan 29 Tuesday. Guidance was $1.45 B. Based on AMD Jan 2019 Investor Slides, still guiding mid-20%… Continue reading 1/16/19 AMD 20.40 to 19.73