2/7/19 Radeon 7 Launched! AMD 23.26 to 22.67

Sold out very quickly worldwide, in one and a half hour supposedly. It's not clear how many units were initially available, though there was a rumor of 5000. UK supposedly had 100 units at launch. Thereafter all sites were reporting “out of stock”. UK reported to restock on February 12. Websites such as AMD, Newegg… Continue reading 2/7/19 Radeon 7 Launched! AMD 23.26 to 22.67

2/4/19 AMD 24.51 to 24.13

Radeon 7 unboxing videos are surfacing. Benchmarks will have to wait until February 7, when it launches as NDA is lifted. Special lucite stand shipped to the reviewers looks very sharp. This card may perform better than people give it credit for. It does have 16 GB of HBM, so quite future proof. https://wccftech.com/nvidia-may-have-understated-crypto-revenue-by-more-than-a-billion-dollars/ Another… Continue reading 2/4/19 AMD 24.51 to 24.13

1/16/19 AMD 20.40 to 19.73

AMD down on light volume. No reason. Some report of Intel buying AMD, which is nonsense. Another rumor of Intel luring Lisa Su over for CEO, unlikely IMO. Seems like market is waiting for ER, which should be Jan 29 Tuesday. Guidance was $1.45 B. Based on AMD Jan 2019 Investor Slides, still guiding mid-20%… Continue reading 1/16/19 AMD 20.40 to 19.73