2/4/19 AMD 24.51 to 24.13

Radeon 7 unboxing videos are surfacing. Benchmarks will have to wait until February 7, when it launches as NDA is lifted. Special lucite stand shipped to the reviewers looks very sharp. This card may perform better than people give it credit for. It does have 16 GB of HBM, so quite future proof.


Another article about Nvidia understating their crypto revenue. Nvidia made more GPUs to satisfy the mining craze, while AMD resisted that temptation because AMD was burned before. Nvidia enjoyed that monster revenue while claiming it to be from the data centers/cloud. AMD additionally suffered because their Vega 64/56 cards were mostly bought by the miners (not gamers), resulting AMD losing market shares in the gaming GPU during 2018. There were a lot of complaints in the forum about gamer unable to buy Vega cards because the prices were bid up by the miners. But now AMD is not suffering the inventory glut (unlike Nvidia). AMD still has to allow the channels to clear of used mining cards (like Nvidia).



Microsoft is pushing XDK (XBox development Kit) to other platforms, such as PC, Android, iOS, and Switch. Their Project XCloud will then allow streaming of these games online. Microsoft had already indicated they are working with AMD for this project. So not only will they be using AMD APUs for their Xbox consoles (both the streaming and non-streaming versions), but that they will use AMD server GPUs to power the streaming from the cloud. The cloud GPU will be the high GM business. I think even the console APUs will be higher GM than before, since they will involve Zen2 and Navi, which are high powered parts. I really think by 2020 Microsoft XBox and XCloud will bring excellent revenue to AMD.

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