2/3/19 Sunday, BlueFin Fake News!

Let’s go down memory lane about a case of very bad Fake News. Back in October 2018, there were a lot of talk about Intel’s 10 nm problems. Intel shares had slumped while AMD had gained. On October 2, 2018, BlueFin (a Boston-based research firm, who does not even specialize in semiconductors) came out with a report saying Intel is making good progress with 10 nm. “ramping before June, in time for back to school season.” “April 2019” “4 to 6 weeks earlier than June 2019”

On that day, Intel shares jumped 5%, while AMD went down 8.6%! Intel is off the hook because they didn’t say it. Officially Intel said 10 nm in 2019 (everyone assumed it is end of 2019). BlueFin is the firm doing the hit piece. Now it is February 2019, and Intel’s official statement is 10 nm mobile CPU will be ready by holiday 2019. Server CPU will be later of course because mobile parts are smaller dies and easier to make. Larger Xeon will have low yield. So where is this April to June 2019 launch?

It’s all BS, a lie that has no consequence!



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