2/2/19 Saturday


This is a big deal. Azure is using Epyc big time. Azure is gaining on AWS also. These instances have no Intel Xeon equivalent. They are rolling out in many regions. This is very promising.


This is an article talking about if one has great products one can do well even if macro environment is poor.



The above two articles talked about how Nvidia might have concealed the portion of revenue they received from the miners. I think they likely had reported a lot of those revenue as data center GPU sales. After all, they could claim that they were data centers, except they were geared for mining.

Problem is, GPU in cloud is an expanding business; while crypto boom is now dead. Jensun Huang kept promoting the idea that Nvidia is growing into the cloud GPU business. This myth may well be dead. AMD is precisely getting into that business, likely using Epyc as a combined package.

All good news.

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