11/14/19 AMD Scores a Touchdown with Ryzen 3950X!

AMD rose yet another $0.83 today, closed at $38.35, another all time high. Maybe some of this rise can be attributed to short covering? At some point there will be capitulation. After hours AMD gained yet another $0.15 while Nvidia dropped $1.89. Nvidia did beat a lowered guidance, but outlook is soft. AMD is likely… Continue reading 11/14/19 AMD Scores a Touchdown with Ryzen 3950X!

6/3/19 Samsung Chose AMD Radeon RDNA for Mobile GPU! AMD 27.41 to 27.58

This news came out of nowhere. I must give AMD and Samsung lots of credit for keeping this very quiet. In the Sept 2016 article below, Samsung was to pick either AMD or Nvidia and ditch Qualcomm. Now two and a half years later, Samsung picked AMD! https://www.gsmarena.com/samsung_wants_to_use_amd_or_nvidia_gpus_in_its_exynos_chipsets_plans_to_ditch_qualcomm_for_good_in_2-news-20441.php One should recall that AMD had famously… Continue reading 6/3/19 Samsung Chose AMD Radeon RDNA for Mobile GPU! AMD 27.41 to 27.58

5/16/19 Nvidia Blames Pause! AMD 27.58 to 28.01

Nvidia reported after hours, consisting of a slight revenue beat of $2.2B and earning of $0.88 vs. $0.81, both are well off Q1 from last year. Inventory of $1.43B is still quite high, a little lower than the previous $1.57B, but well above $0.8B average in the past. Datacenter GPU is down somewhat. Some big… Continue reading 5/16/19 Nvidia Blames Pause! AMD 27.58 to 28.01

4/16/19 Lisa Su Confirmed PS5 With Zen2 and Navi! AMD 27.33 to 27.93

Lisa Su twitted PS5 will have Zen2 and Radeon Navi architecture and the Wired article covering this news. https://www.wired.com/story/exclusive-sony-next-gen-console/ Even though I fully expected this, but there hasn't been any confirmation from AMD until now. Neither Zen2 nor Navi have yet to be launched. Certainly this is a great leap in turns of computing power… Continue reading 4/16/19 Lisa Su Confirmed PS5 With Zen2 and Navi! AMD 27.33 to 27.93

2/2/19 Saturday

https://siliconangle.com/2019/02/01/microsoft-launches-amd-powered-azure-instances-analytics-databases/ This is a big deal. Azure is using Epyc big time. Azure is gaining on AWS also. These instances have no Intel Xeon equivalent. They are rolling out in many regions. This is very promising. https://www.barrons.com/articles/what-the-iphones-success-tells-us-about-the-next-big-product-cycle-51549064551?siteid=yhoof2&yptr=yahoo This is an article talking about if one has great products one can do well even if macro… Continue reading 2/2/19 Saturday

1/28/19 AMD 21.93 to 20.18

https://finance.yahoo.com/news/nvidia-slashes-already-terrible-guidance-180000502.html Nvidia issued warning to their upcoming ER. Nvidia now says revenue will be only $2.2 B, down from previously guided $2.7 B, which was already lower than the expected $3.4 B back in November 2018. Margin will be down from 62.5% to 56%. Data center deals did not close. Turing cards did not sell… Continue reading 1/28/19 AMD 21.93 to 20.18

1/22/19 AMD 20.77 to 19.76

Entire market down big. World economy slowdown and trade war worries. https://marketrealist.com/2019/01/intels-margins-set-to-normalize-after-reaching-a-peak-in-q3 In this article: “Strong demand in the PC and server markets drove Intel’s (INTC) revenue in 2018. This unexpected demand created a CPU supply shortage for Intel in the second half of the year.” Fake news! It was widely reported that Intel was… Continue reading 1/22/19 AMD 20.77 to 19.76