August 13, 2020 Can/Should AMD Buy Xilinx??

In the news lately is the talk of Nvidia negotiating to buy ARM. On Twitter there has been lots of reactions to this deal, mostly negative concerning the other ARM customers once Nvidia takes over. TheVerge covered this topic, here. Clearly SoftBank is motivated to sell, but it remains to be seen how regulators will… Continue reading August 13, 2020 Can/Should AMD Buy Xilinx??

July 4, 2020 Tencent Goes Big With Epyc!

Chinese tech giant Tencent had previously announced their customized server chip based on AMD's Epyc, code named Star Lake (actually Star Ocean or 星星海 in Chinese). During the COVID-19 emergency in China, Tencent had supposedly deployed 100,000 Epyc chips over a very short time. Now Tencent had further announced their new cloud computing data center… Continue reading July 4, 2020 Tencent Goes Big With Epyc!