May 22, 2021 AMD On Sale!

AMD reported Q1 2020 on April 27 and it was spectacular. Revenue came in at $3.45B and guidance is $3.6B for Q2. AMD further increased whole year guidance to 50% (originally 37%) increase over 2020. However, AMD share price had languished since, and is now merely $77, even after announcing a significant stock buyback program… Continue reading May 22, 2021 AMD On Sale!

October 9, 2020 Zen 3 and Xilinx!

Zen 3 presentation finally happened, and it is fair to say it met very high expectations. Per AMD, it has 19% increase in IPC, which is better than the consensus of around 12-15% increase. As rumored, Zen 3 now has 8 cores CCX. This significantly decreased latency, as opposed to the previous 4 cores CCX… Continue reading October 9, 2020 Zen 3 and Xilinx!

August 13, 2020 Can/Should AMD Buy Xilinx??

In the news lately is the talk of Nvidia negotiating to buy ARM. On Twitter there has been lots of reactions to this deal, mostly negative concerning the other ARM customers once Nvidia takes over. TheVerge covered this topic, here. Clearly SoftBank is motivated to sell, but it remains to be seen how regulators will… Continue reading August 13, 2020 Can/Should AMD Buy Xilinx??