October 9, 2020 Zen 3 and Xilinx!

Zen 3 presentation finally happened, and it is fair to say it met very high expectations. Per AMD, it has 19% increase in IPC, which is better than the consensus of around 12-15% increase. As rumored, Zen 3 now has 8 cores CCX. This significantly decreased latency, as opposed to the previous 4 cores CCX… Continue reading October 9, 2020 Zen 3 and Xilinx!

3/6/20 Lisa Su at AMD’s Financial Analyst Day: Full Speed Ahead!

Finally FAD happened. It was worth watching in its entirety. During the Q & A, of course Lisa Su was asked about the effect of COVID-19 on Q1 and 2020. Amazingly she said AMD was not updating Q1 and 2020 remains the same! She did say that supply chain was nearly back to normal or… Continue reading 3/6/20 Lisa Su at AMD’s Financial Analyst Day: Full Speed Ahead!

9/15/19 Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 AMD Rumor!

Roland Quandt, a German journalist had written an article at winfuture.de about MS Surface Laptop 3 using AMD chip, specifically the 15 inch model. He even claimed that there are three AMD-based models. Roland had twitted that this news is confirmed based on non-public retail info. He further twitted that this is from 100% rock… Continue reading 9/15/19 Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 AMD Rumor!

7/30/19 Rome Launches on August 7th!

Finally AMD reported Q2 2019. After hours AMD was down big due to the initial disappointment of soft guidance for the whole year and Q3, but after people started to digest the earnings call, AMD recovered to $33.50, only 4% down. The most notable item is that AMD is now guiding mid single digit growth… Continue reading 7/30/19 Rome Launches on August 7th!

7/20/19 What will AMD report on July 30, 2019??

The tension is mounting. AMD will report Q2 2019 on July 30. This disappointed quite a few people as some had predicted ER to be one week earlier. Some people suggested that perhaps since the new 7 nm Ryzen and RX5700 have been selling so well that AMD will need more time to project a… Continue reading 7/20/19 What will AMD report on July 30, 2019??

6/10/19 Lisa Su’s E3 Surprise! AMD 32.41 to 33.23

I had the pleasure of attending the AMD Next Horizon Gaming E3 2019 presentation in person. It was a lot of fun. Lisa Su has become quite a powerful speaker and presenter. I was given an AMD Team Red T-shirt while in line, sent to sit in the front row and asked to form a… Continue reading 6/10/19 Lisa Su’s E3 Surprise! AMD 32.41 to 33.23

5/27/19 Lisa Su Rocks Computex!

Anandtech did a nice live blog of Lisa Su's keynote presentation. https://www.anandtech.com/show/14408/dr-lisa-su-at-computex-2019-amd-keynote-live-blog Epyc. Sixty Epyc platforms. More than fifty cloud instances. Frontier the 1.5 exaflop supercomputer. Microsoft Azure HB Virtual Machines. 1st EPYC HPC Cloud Offering, largest Scale CFD Sim in Cloud, more than 11500 EPYC cores. Demo against Xeon, 2X performance. https://www.anandtech.com/show/14412/amd-teases-first-navi-gpu-products-rx-5700-series-in-july-25-improved-perf Navi. In… Continue reading 5/27/19 Lisa Su Rocks Computex!