3/17/20 AMD’s Long Term Outlook Remains Sound

The US has finally sounded its panic alarm. With much more public awareness and increasing COVID-19 testing capability, now governments (states and federal) are implementing social distancing with closure of various businesses and schools. This is welcomed. Italy had shown that restricting travel alone is not enough. Much more intense testing (like South Korea), physical… Continue reading 3/17/20 AMD’s Long Term Outlook Remains Sound

12/25/19 Renoir Incoming at CES? Apple? Yes, Please!

First, an important upgrade from RBC's Mitch Steves. He raised PT from $50 to $53. More significantly, he raised his 2020 earnings projection to $1.30 and 2021 to $1.73. Both of these are higher than the street average. He said: “the higher estimates stem from "solid channel checks" for both gaming chips and products used… Continue reading 12/25/19 Renoir Incoming at CES? Apple? Yes, Please!

12/20/19 Intel Circles the Drain

Charlie Demerjian of Semiaccurate held another conference call with Susquehanna Group on 12/19/19, as announced on Twitter, here. He backed up what he had written on his blog previously, mainly how bad Intel is doing with their 10 nm and 7 nm processes. Reddit user Long_on_AMD did an excellent summary, here. Poor yield is a… Continue reading 12/20/19 Intel Circles the Drain

9/15/19 Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 AMD Rumor!

Roland Quandt, a German journalist had written an article at winfuture.de about MS Surface Laptop 3 using AMD chip, specifically the 15 inch model. He even claimed that there are three AMD-based models. Roland had twitted that this news is confirmed based on non-public retail info. He further twitted that this is from 100% rock… Continue reading 9/15/19 Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 AMD Rumor!