12/20/19 Intel Circles the Drain

Charlie Demerjian of Semiaccurate held another conference call with Susquehanna Group on 12/19/19, as announced on Twitter, here. He backed up what he had written on his blog previously, mainly how bad Intel is doing with their 10 nm and 7 nm processes. Reddit user Long_on_AMD did an excellent summary, here. Poor yield is a… Continue reading 12/20/19 Intel Circles the Drain

11/27/19 Dell Slaps Intel!

On 11/20/19 Intel put out a Supply Update letter, which apologized to its customers the now famous Intel CPU shipment delay and shortage problem. However, Intel remained adamant that such problem is due to the increased demand from “sustained market growth”. Charlie Demerjian at Semiaccurate had published an excellent article, which completely debunked such baloney.… Continue reading 11/27/19 Dell Slaps Intel!

6/5/19 Rome Beats Xeon Platinum! AMD 29.57 to 29.50

At Computex AMD demoed Rome to give twice the performance over Intel Xeon Platinum 8280. Intel disputed this demo. Instead Intel wanted to use their Xeon Platinum 9242 and 9282 to compare with Rome. https://www.extremetech.com/computing/292400-intel-amd-7nm-epyc-vs-xeon-computex Read through this article one will find that Xeon Platinum 9200s are hugely more expensive than AMD's Epyc and uses… Continue reading 6/5/19 Rome Beats Xeon Platinum! AMD 29.57 to 29.50

5/9/19 Intel Road map Underwhelming AMD 27.09 to 27.21

http://intelstudios.edgesuite.net/im/2019/start_a.html It's getting hard for me to keep track of all the Intel Lakes. Suffice to say, Intel's road map was greeted with a giant yawn at Reddit and Twitter alike. The growth rate Intel is promising is also quite lame. Of course Bob Swan being the new CEO might as well set the bar… Continue reading 5/9/19 Intel Road map Underwhelming AMD 27.09 to 27.21

4/26/19 Intel CPU Shortage Continues AMD 27.66 to 27.88

https://www.tomshardware.com/news/intel-cpu-shortages-persist-2h19,39190.html Intel CPU shortage continues into Q3 2019. Intel's roadmap shows most of Intel's CPUs are 14 nm until end of 2020. Early 10 nm chips are low powered mobile chips and definitely not for servers. https://www.tomshardware.com/news/microsoft-intel-cpu-shortage-effect-mitigated,39172.html Microsoft said in January 2019 that Intel CPU shortage was affecting Windows sale. Now it is singing a… Continue reading 4/26/19 Intel CPU Shortage Continues AMD 27.66 to 27.88

4/25/19 Intel Blames China! AMD 28.46 to 27.66

Intel reported after market close. Datacenter down, GM down and ASP down. Bob Swan offered multiple excuses, on Intel's 10 nm problems, said China had bought more Intel chips last year ahead of the tariffs war and now they are digesting the inventory etc. It will be interesting to see how Wall St. responds to… Continue reading 4/25/19 Intel Blames China! AMD 28.46 to 27.66