7/26/19 Intel Spins in Vain!

Intel reported yesterday. It was up big AH but today is actually down, after people had time to digest the earnings call.

In a nutshell, Intel sold the modem business to Apple for a one time $ 1B. This after Intel failed to provide their much vaunted 5G modem (vaporware only) to Apple, such that Apple had to crawl back to Qualcomm and pay much over multiple years for the superior Qualcomm modems, which actually do exist in reality.

However, Intel beat guidance only because it was previously revised down. Datacentric revenue is down. Margin is down. Bob Swan is trying to spin that Intel is entering a much larger TAM, never mind that Intel’s pride and joy, their cash cow, aka datacenter CPU segment, is under tremendous competitive pressure from AMD. Intel continued to blame China, macro economic environment and trade issues/uncertainties.

I am eagerly waiting for AMD’s Q3 guidance. Perhaps Rome will be launched on August 8, 2019, to signify Rome’s eight chiplets, each consisting of eight cores!

All week AMD’s share price is holding up well, in low volume trading. The market is also waiting for July 30.

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