7/25/19 Ryzen 3rd Gen Selling Like Hotcakes!

Ryzen R9 3900X, R7 3800X and R7 3700X have all been selling extremely well. 3900X has been notoriously out of stock for many retailers, even as bundled deals with motherboards.

PC World has reported that 3900X is selling for $740 on Ebay, about 50% over its MSRP.

AMD is also selling 3900X directly from its own online shop, but most of time it has been out of stock as well. Whenever it comes into stock, they are sold almost immediately.

Is AMD simply not stocking Amazon and Newegg? Given that Amazon and Newegg constantly show Ryzen 3900X, 3800X to be out of stock, one can almost assume AMD has been negligent in restocking these chips.

However, this is not true at all. Go to Nowinstock.net, one can see how these chips have been in and out of stock over these past several weeks. There have been plenty of resupply.

Amazon R9 3900X stock history, here.

Newegg R9 3900X stock history, here.

Newegg R7 3800X stock history, here.

Newegg R7 3700X stock history, here.

For buyers of new AM4 motherboards who balk at the high pricing of X570 boards, MSI has introduced a new series of Max AM4 motherboards, using older chipsets of A320, B450 and X470, but with larger 32 MB BIOS chips. Buyers of new Ryzen 3rd gen CPUs can buy these Max boards at a lower cost, if they don’t need the PCIe 4.0 support etc that comes with X570. This move is great for consumers and perhaps other motherboard makers will follow as well.

Intel will report later today. My guess is that Intel will report lower (or slower growth) of CPU sales, especially in the datacenter segment. However, they will blame China, trade war and Huawei sanction.

Next week, AMD will have no such problems, and will guide extremely well for Q3!

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