10/15/19 Rome to Da Moon!?

AMD announced that Q3 ER will occur on 10/29 after hours. After the disappointing Q3 2018, this next ER will prove to be pivotal. I am hoping to see the beginning of the “inflection point” Lisa Su had promised.

Matthew Ramsay of Cowan’s had come out and reaffirmed his price target of $40, detailed in this Barron’s article. He said:

Don’t be distracted by the [near-term] noise—AMD’s lineup of 7nm products has driven strong initial share gains while competitive road maps remain in flux, and console headwinds become tailwinds in 2020,” 

In yet another supercomputer win for AMD, U.K. had selected Epyc to be used in their next national supercomputer. Cray will be installing ARCHER2 at the University of Edinburgh, featuring 11696 Epyc Rome 64 cores CPUs and AMD’s next generation Radeon Instinct GPUs. Coming online in May 2020, ARCHER2 will have a peak performance of 28 petaflops, which would have put it No. 6 in the supercomputer list as of June 2019. InsideHPC has a great article, here.

AdoredTV.com had came out with yet another excellent article, detailing what Intel is going through with its 10 nm and 7 nm plans. Of note is that Rome is selling so well thatmore than a fifth of an OEM’s server business was Rome CPUs and that AMD is very well positioned right now in the datacenter.”

Also, “Intel will be focusing on mobile in particularly during this period, with the primary objective being to defeat Nvidia.”

And that, “Intel has no competitive server CPUs on 10nm and is waiting for 7nm to try and retake the lead; this is also due to Milan being more powerful than expected”.

This article is rich with information and is well worth a detailed read.

Finally, SeekingAlpha author EnerTuition had posted this article titled “Don’t Believe Rumors About TSMC Shortages Affecting AMD”. I completely agree with him, and the title is self explanatory!

By the way, Ryzen 3900X is now back to MSRP of $500 at Amazon as of today, and in stock.

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