3/4/20 AMD Wins El Capitan!

DOE has decided to use AMD's Epyc and Radeon Instinct for its El Capitan supercomputer at the Lawrence Livermore National Lab! To review, DOE, under the CORAL-2 Procurement, was to acquire three exascale supercomputers. Aurora (1 exaflops) was awarded to Intel for Argonne National Lab, detailed here. Frontier (1.5 exaflops) was award to HPE/Cray, using… Continue reading 3/4/20 AMD Wins El Capitan!

2/25/20 COVID-19!

Since January COVID-19 has been the predominant issue for the entire world, including the stock market. Most recently there is renewed panic concerning greatly increased cases in both S. Korea and Italy. DJI was down more than 1000 yesterday and continues to go down today. Since I am both an experienced physician and has experience… Continue reading 2/25/20 COVID-19!

11/6/2019 “The Best is Yet to Come.” -Lisa Su

AMD is continuing a torrid pace of supercomputer wins. Atos had announced a contract to supply a BullSequana X supercomputer to the Institute of Interdisciplinary Physics and Complex Systems (IFISC) in Spain, as reported by InsideHPC. Meanwhile, UK's AWE (Atomic Weapons Establishment) had chosen Cray's Shasta supercomputer, using Epyc 7542. Performance is around 7 petaflops, as reported by… Continue reading 11/6/2019 “The Best is Yet to Come.” -Lisa Su

5/7/19 AMD + Cray win Exascale Supercomputer Project! AMD 27.42 to 26.66

https://www.nextplatform.com/2019/05/07/cray-amd-tag-team-on-1-5-exaflops-frontier-supercomputer/ This is a big win! Previously AMD had joined with Cray to build a pre-exascale supercomputer named Perlmutter with funding from DOE. Perlmutter will use AMD's Epyc 3 (Milan) CPU and Nvidia's next gen GPU in 2020. It was to prepare for an eventual exascale supercomputer. Fast forward to today, amazingly, DOE is now… Continue reading 5/7/19 AMD + Cray win Exascale Supercomputer Project! AMD 27.42 to 26.66