3/4/20 AMD Wins El Capitan!

DOE has decided to use AMD's Epyc and Radeon Instinct for its El Capitan supercomputer at the Lawrence Livermore National Lab! To review, DOE, under the CORAL-2 Procurement, was to acquire three exascale supercomputers. Aurora (1 exaflops) was awarded to Intel for Argonne National Lab, detailed here. Frontier (1.5 exaflops) was award to HPE/Cray, using… Continue reading 3/4/20 AMD Wins El Capitan!

9/10/19 Clickbait Articles, RDNA and Milan

Investopedia is known for useless clickbait articles. Here is a great example. It claimed that AMD had met resistance at 34, mentioned trade war, tariffs, and the old news of cryptobust of 2017-2018, and magically reached a conclusion that a sell off is coming to push AMD down to the 20's. It never even bothered… Continue reading 9/10/19 Clickbait Articles, RDNA and Milan