9/10/19 Clickbait Articles, RDNA and Milan

Investopedia is known for useless clickbait articles. Here is a great example. It claimed that AMD had met resistance at 34, mentioned trade war, tariffs, and the old news of cryptobust of 2017-2018, and magically reached a conclusion that a sell off is coming to push AMD down to the 20's. It never even bothered… Continue reading 9/10/19 Clickbait Articles, RDNA and Milan

6/28/19 AMD Rebukes WSJ! AMD 29.92 to 30.74

Here is a classic fake news/click bait by WSJ, meant to generate maximum exposure.  https://www.wsj.com/articles/u-s-tried-to-stop-china-acquiring-world-class-chips-china-got-them-anyway-11561646798 What sensationalism! “AMD gave China keys to the Kingdom”! Illegally, even! Fortunately, AMD very quickly, and perhaps uncharacteristically, responded as follows. https://www.amd.com/en/corporate/wsj-response?utm_campaign=wsjresponse&utm_medium=redirect&utm_source=301 In it, AMD vigorously denied giving China its Epyc IP, and that AMD had strictly followed all US… Continue reading 6/28/19 AMD Rebukes WSJ! AMD 29.92 to 30.74