6/28/19 AMD Rebukes WSJ! AMD 29.92 to 30.74

Here is a classic fake news/click bait by WSJ, meant to generate maximum exposure. 


What sensationalism! “AMD gave China keys to the Kingdom”! Illegally, even!

Fortunately, AMD very quickly, and perhaps uncharacteristically, responded as follows.

In it, AMD vigorously denied giving China its Epyc IP, and that AMD had strictly followed all US government regulations and had sought and obtained total approval prior to proceeding with such a JV.

Here is another article by wccftech.com summarizing the whole deal.

Personally I feel that China went into this JV, not simply to get an empty bragging right to a “homegrown” server chip (Epyc 1, or Naples), but add encryption measures that are unique to the Chinese, so that such chips’ security cannot be compromised via AMD’s own Platform Security Processor. China/THATIC/Sugon will still need to obtain such Dhyanna chips from Global Foundry, located in New York, but they will be secure for the Chinese. Similarly, Intel’s CPUs have their Intel Management Engine, which can be used to compromise their owners/users in the same manner.

Meanwhile, AMD had collected very nearly the entire licensing gains such JV had specified. If AMD does not collect any royalty down the line, AMD will still be just fine, with all the new 7 nm products launching this year. Of course, if Trump administration does reverse its stance and removes THATIC/Sugon/Hygon from the entity list, the AMD may yet see such royalty payments for the Dhyanna chips. If that happens, it will be gravy on top.

Here is another fake news/click bait article, of lesser importance.

Bitcoin has risen to $12000-13000. This article is yet correlating AMD’s stock price rise to Bitcoin’s rise. This is entirely not relevant anymore. AMD (and Nvidia) did sell many GPUs in 2017 and 2018 due to the cryptomining craze. However, the overhang in inventory is just being digested, even now. There is absolutely no way AMD’s current stock price action is still related to Bitcoin pricing.

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