6/25/19 Ryzen Mobile Rumors! AMD 29.26 to 28.86

Tom’s Hardware reports that Google is skipping Intel’s Ice Lake CPUs for its Chromebooks. Here.

Not only that, Google has added support of Ryzen 3000 series APU to Coreboot.  This combined with reports of Google working with AMD on a high end Chromebook design bodes well for Ryzen Mobile adoptions. 

Thurrott reports that Microsoft is prototyping Surface devices with Qualcomm and AMD chips.  This is also consistent with MS VP saying Ryzen will be in 50% of “modern MS devices”.  This reports has been picked up widely, generating articles like these.  MS is planning an update to Surface devices in October 2019. 

Ryzen mobile 2nd gen is already much better than the 1st gen.  With 7 nm 3rd gen Ryzen Mobile chips coming soon (that’s APU with Zen 2 and Navi), it will be wonderful if they end up in MS Surface and Chromebooks!

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