7/7/19 AMD 7 nm Launch!

As the photo shows, people were lining up in the rain, waiting for the AMD launch in Japan.

More than the products being available, people were eagerly waiting for the lifting of NDA, in order to read all the reviews and benchmarking. This Reddit page has a nice summary of most of the reviews and videos, for both Ryzen and Navi.

PC World gave thumbs up for Ryzen, here, and for Navi, here.

Forbes also raved about Ryzen, here, and for Navi, here.

Digital Trends says Ryzen R9 3900X “robs Intel of its throne”, here.

All in all, just about everyone are impressed with the Ryzen 3rd gen. Most say that Ryzen is clearly the winner. Some still say that Intel wins in single thread performance, though only by a small margin (say 5%). One caveat is that most did not apply all the security patches Intel is supposed to get. We all know that Intel has made gains in single thread speed by exposing itself to all the attacks/exploits we now know to exist. The other caveat is, because of Intel’s sheer size, Intel is able to highly bin its processors, eg i9 9900ks. Once AMD gains more market share, AMD too can highly bin its processors. This is a matter of time. The difference here is not due to lack of technology, but to lack of volume.

With the last minute price drop by AMD, RX 5700 became Super competitive, pun intended. It matters little whether the price drop was fully planned, as Scott Herkelman’s tweet of “Jebaited” had implied, or only as a response to Nvidia’s Super lineup launch. The end result is that:

Radeon RX 5700XT ($399) beats Nvidia RTX 2060 Super ($399), aka RTX 2070. As a matter of fact, Radeon RX 5700XT is perhaps only 5% behind Nvidia RTX 2070 Super ($499), at $100 less!

Radeon RX 5700 ($349) beats Nvidia RTX 2060 ($349).

I feel that AMD has done a super job on these 7 nm parts. Ryzen R9 3950X is due in September 2019. AMD will surely launch RX 5800 and even RX 5900 soon. Navi’s RDNA is supposedly highly scalable. The higher end GPU will then compete with Nvidia’s RTX 2080 and 2080ti.

Ryzen 3rd gen desktop APU will finally allow great expansion of market share in OEM desktops. Ryzen Mobile 3rd gen will finally allow great expansion of market share in the notebook space. By end of July 2020, when AMD reports Q2 2020, Milan’s launch will be imminent, with PS5, XBox, Stadia, and XCloud all in full stride. Things are looking very good indeed.

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