11/25/19 Threadripper 3960/70X’s Absolute Domination!

Today is the day when NDA is lifted and all the reviews on TR3 can be released. Also, it is also the date when TR3 and Ryzen 3950X can be purchased. However, investment websites were completely silent on these monster CPUs. Instead, we are treated with an article like this from MarketWatch, talking about how… Continue reading 11/25/19 Threadripper 3960/70X’s Absolute Domination!

11/14/19 AMD Scores a Touchdown with Ryzen 3950X!

AMD rose yet another $0.83 today, closed at $38.35, another all time high. Maybe some of this rise can be attributed to short covering? At some point there will be capitulation. After hours AMD gained yet another $0.15 while Nvidia dropped $1.89. Nvidia did beat a lowered guidance, but outlook is soft. AMD is likely… Continue reading 11/14/19 AMD Scores a Touchdown with Ryzen 3950X!

10/3/19 Ryzen 3900X Supply Problem Over?

The 12 cores Ryzen 3900X supply has been super tight ever since it was launched on July 7, 2019. Frequently out of stock at all the retailers, and whenever it came into stock, they are sold very quickly. PCWorld even wrote an article about how Ryzen 3900X has been “out of stock since August 15,… Continue reading 10/3/19 Ryzen 3900X Supply Problem Over?

9/21/19 Ryzen 3950X and 3rd Gen Threadripper to Launch in November, Implications

On 9/20/19 AMD twitted that Ryzen 3950X (16 cores) and 3rd Gen Threadripper will launch in November 2019, in volume. They also posted an image of Threadripper with text saying “premiering with 24 cores”. This lead to quite a reaction on the web. First thoughts were of some disappointment. 3950X was originally slated for September… Continue reading 9/21/19 Ryzen 3950X and 3rd Gen Threadripper to Launch in November, Implications

7/7/19 AMD 7 nm Launch!

As the photo shows, people were lining up in the rain, waiting for the AMD launch in Japan. More than the products being available, people were eagerly waiting for the lifting of NDA, in order to read all the reviews and benchmarking. This Reddit page has a nice summary of most of the reviews and… Continue reading 7/7/19 AMD 7 nm Launch!