10/3/19 Ryzen 3900X Supply Problem Over?

The 12 cores Ryzen 3900X supply has been super tight ever since it was launched on July 7, 2019. Frequently out of stock at all the retailers, and whenever it came into stock, they are sold very quickly. PCWorld even wrote an article about how Ryzen 3900X has been “out of stock since August 15, 2019” by citing a website called gearinstock.com. I had previously written about how this is absolutely incorrect.

Well, since October 2, Ryzen 3900X has been noticeably available for order, at Amazon ($565), Newegg ($565), B&H Photo ($565) and Mindfactory in Germany (€ 529). Unlike in the past, these have remained in stock over the past two days! So supply has finally risen to match the exceedingly high demand.

So it now looks like the situation is exactly what AMD had been describing all along. There is no supply issue from TSMC. Indeed, the demand had surpassed AMD’s most optimistic projection, and had overwhelmed supply. In response, AMD had increased even more orders from TSMC. The talk of lead time increasing at TSMC is true, but applicable to new clients only. AMD had increased order likely back in late July or early August, and now retailers are getting a massive resupply of Ryzen 3900X, roughly two months later. Since the yield is excellent, in order to get these 6 cores chiplets, AMD must also be getting a massive amount of 8 cores chiplets, all the better to meet the high demand for Epyc, Threadripper 3 and the incoming Ryzen 3950X, due in November.

Interestingly, AMD had launched Ryzen Pro 3000 series on October 1, 2019, covered by crn.com, here.

Both HP and Lenovo had came out with desktop designs, with worldwide availability. AMD must be rather confident to be supply OEMs with all these Ryzen Pro 3900, 3700 and 3600 CPUs, on top of the consumer Ryzen CPUs. So by now I think the supply problem is debunked.

Meanwhile, Digitimes came out with this article, about how AMD is seeing increasing adoption in the enterprise market. I want to point out again, the previous Digitimes rumor about Ryzen 3950X being delayed because of clock issue is utterly false. AMD can not possibly fix clock issue in a matter of two months. AMD must have been assured of meeting such clock specs a long time ago. Stockpiling of sufficient 8 cores chiplets to meet what AMD now realizes to be an incredible demand for Ryzen 3950X, will take around roughly one to two months. This explanation makes much more sense.

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