11/25/19 Threadripper 3960/70X’s Absolute Domination!

Today is the day when NDA is lifted and all the reviews on TR3 can be released. Also, it is also the date when TR3 and Ryzen 3950X can be purchased. However, investment websites were completely silent on these monster CPUs. Instead, we are treated with an article like this from MarketWatch, talking about how semi stocks are bubbly and companies’ sales are worse than most investors think.

It specifically mentioned how Intel has been propping up its earnings via a massive share buyback program. Intel spent $4.5B last quarter to buy back 92 million shares, or 2% of its float. This will artificially boost its earnings per share by the same 2%. Meanwhile, Intel spent $3.2B on R&D. At this key juncture of 5G and cloud push, one would think Intel should have spent even more on R&D if they thought it would have helped them advance. This part of the article is actually correct. However next it moved onto AMD, where it talked about how AMD is “currently priced where it was before the dot-com bust.” This is very superficial. It doesn’t touch on how AMD’s revenue is expected to grow in 2020, with the ever improving gross margin, and the return of massive console business. It is very harmful to the average investors to read such an article, while thinking they are doing great research.

The reviews on Threadripper 3960/70X are truly raving!

Anandtech’s review: Conclusion: History is Written By The Victors. I have never used the word ‘bloodbath’ in a review before. It seems messy, violent, and a little bit gruesome. But when we look at the results from the new AMD Threadripper processors, it seems more than appropriate.

PCWorld: “AMD Threadripper 3970X Review: 32 cores of unbeatable power”.

Gordon Mah Ung went on to say: “The 32-core Threadripper 3970X runs unopposed in our eyes. Intel’s new 18-core Core i9-10980XE basically has its hands full dealing with the 16-core Ryzen 9 3950X. And the 28-core Xeon W-3175X at $5,000 isn’t practical.

Forbes: “AMD Threadripper 3970X And 3960X Review: An Exercise In How To Dominate The Desktop PC Processor Market”

Tom’sHardware: “High-End Domination. AMD’s Threadripper 3970X is the new uncontested leader in both price and performance on the highest end of the HEDT segment.”

Level1techs: “Wow! There simply hasn’t been a generational leap in desktop CPU performance this significant in over 10 years.

Great GIF..

In short, TR3 made huge improvement over TR2, like 45% better in performance. AMD even teased the 64 cores TR 3990X, “one CPU to rule them all” for 2020. Intel has nothing to compete, and no 10 nm parts, only their reworked 14 nm+++++. Like Ian Cutress had said, a bloodbath.

The best part, AMD is pricing the TR3 at a premium. The 24 cores TR 3960X is made from four 6 cores chiplets and sells for $1399. Yet the 12 cores Ryzen R9 3900X, made from two 6 cores chiplets, is priced at $499. Similarly, the 32 cores TR 3970X is made from four 8 cores chiplets, selling for $1999, while the 16 cores Ryzen R9 3950X, made of two 8 cores chiplets, is priced at $749. This kind of pricing does wonders for the gross margin. In another word, AMD can price these at a premium because Intel has nothing to fight back!

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