11/14/19 AMD Scores a Touchdown with Ryzen 3950X!

AMD rose yet another $0.83 today, closed at $38.35, another all time high. Maybe some of this rise can be attributed to short covering? At some point there will be capitulation. After hours AMD gained yet another $0.15 while Nvidia dropped $1.89. Nvidia did beat a lowered guidance, but outlook is soft. AMD is likely doing quite well with their Navi gaming GPUs, which could explain the AH actions.

Reviews for Ryzen R9 3950X are coming in, and all of them are raving about this 16 cores monster.

PCWorld says Ryzen R9 3950X is “an epic end zone dance over Intel”, and that “Conclusion: The 16-core Ryzen 9 3950X is simply the fastest consumer CPU in town. Period. Full stop. Review over”.

ExtremeTech says “This CPU goes way past 11”.

Anandtech says “AMD’s 3950X knocks down walls that only a couple of years ago seemed impenetrable.”

Engadget says “AMD’s 16-core Ryzen 3950X is its fastest desktop processor ever. For $749, it’ll still be $400 less than Intel’s 12-core i9-9920X.”

Legitreviews.com saysThe AMD Ryzen 9 3950X processor is likely the most impressive mainstream desktop processor launch of the decade.”

HotHardware calls 3950X “an absolute beast.

LinusTechTips says “Intel could take YEARS to catch up.”

I could go on and on, but you get the idea.

Meanwhile Finanzen.net reported yet another Epyc win in the supercomputer space, as “Atos delivers two new BullSequana supercomputers to Météo-France to boost weather forecasting capabilities”, using Epyc CPUs.

Finally, New York Times reported that more security flaws are still being found in Intel’s CPUs, but worse of all, fixes are now issued for vulnerabilities which were supposedly fixed six months ago, and NYT had concluded that Intel has not been honest about all these issues. It is nice to see such coverage by a mainstream media outlet, especially after WSJ put out a hit piece against AMD, regarding its deal with THATIC. By the way, WSJ never retracted its false claim about AMD giving away key to the kingdom.

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