11/13/19 AMD Breaking Through!

AMD had broken through 36 and at time of this writing is sitting at 37.52! AMD hit 34 briefly last Fall and had shown strong resistance around 36 the last two weeks.

Yet more and more good news are coming out. For starters, Azure had announced their latest instances using strictly Epyc and Radeon Instinct chips, available right now. This is well covered by HPCwire and Kitguru. The lovefest continues between Microsoft and AMD!

In another big win for AMD, Chinese giant Tencent had launched their very first self-designed server named Xinghai (Star Ocean), using Epyc Rome. Tencent currently have 1.1 million units of network servers, and Epyc could go into their new servers or be used to replace their old Xeon chips. Either way, this is a big deal. Tencent is boasting 35% performance gain, and is customizing their server with Epyc. This means a deep partnership with AMD, which bodes well for the future. Articles can be found at Tom’sHardware, AMD’s Community blog, and Tencent’s own cloud website, here.

Analyst upgrades are coming in as well. Nomura Instinet’s David Wong has a buy rating on AMD, with price target of $40, described by this Barron’s article.

Bank of America/Merrill Lynch just raised AMD’s PT from $40 to $44. Their note is detailed by this Reddit post, here.

As Lisa Su had promised, Asus just launched three more notebooks, a new Zenbook, ROG Zephyrus G laptop, and ROG Strix desktop PC. These notebooks use AMD’s 2nd gen Ryzen Mobile, and the review is already excellent, as noted by Fossbytes.com, here. When the 3rd gen 7 nm Ryzen Mobile is introduced at CES January 2020, AMD will really be winning in the ever important notebooks category. Already there is rumor of Renoir sporting more than 4 cores, like 6 or 8. Only time will tell.

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