11/13/19 AMD Breaking Through!

AMD had broken through 36 and at time of this writing is sitting at 37.52! AMD hit 34 briefly last Fall and had shown strong resistance around 36 the last two weeks. Yet more and more good news are coming out. For starters, Azure had announced their latest instances using strictly Epyc and Radeon Instinct… Continue reading 11/13/19 AMD Breaking Through!

4/3/19 Intel Launch, Digitimes Articles! AMD 26.75 to 29.02!

https://www.anandtech.com/show/14155/intels-enterprise-extravaganza-2019-roundup Intel launched a whole slew of product lineups. Market didn't react (54.51 to 54.36 yesterday). It is beyond my scope to discuss all the technical merits here, but there have been plenty of positive and negative reactions. I believe one thing is certain. AMD will take market share in all the TAMs. It's a… Continue reading 4/3/19 Intel Launch, Digitimes Articles! AMD 26.75 to 29.02!