4/3/19 Intel Launch, Digitimes Articles! AMD 26.75 to 29.02!


Intel launched a whole slew of product lineups. Market didn’t react (54.51 to 54.36 yesterday). It is beyond my scope to discuss all the technical merits here, but there have been plenty of positive and negative reactions. I believe one thing is certain. AMD will take market share in all the TAMs. It’s a matter of how soon and how much. Meanwhile, there are these articles below:



Digitimes came out with two articles, both bode very well for AMD.


From the article: “AMD’s third-generation Ryzen series CPUs featuring the new Zen 2 architecture, and corresponding X570 chipsets are set to be unveiled at Computex 2019 at the end of May, while AMD’s new server CPUs codenamed Rome will begin shipments in mid-2019. The company’s next-generation Navi series GPUs will also make their debut in the third quarter. All chips will be fabricated on 7nm process.”

Furthermore: “Because of Intel’s CPU shortages, Hewlett-Packard (HP) and Lenovo have been placing orders for AMD’s CPUs for their notebooks since the second half of 2018, while Asustek Computer has adopted AMD’s solutions in a couple of its gaming notebooks that have achieved better-than-expected sales. Acer and HP have also been using AMD’s platform for their Chromebooks. With the increasing adoption, AMD is expected to see its share significantly increase in the notebook market.


Previously TSMC had said HPC chips of some customer (AMD) will not ramp significantly until 2020 (as opposed to smartphone chips). Now “HiSilicon and AMD have been ramping up their wafer starts aggressively.”


David Wong is now at Nomura. He has upgraded AMD and upped the PT to 33.

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