11/6/2019 “The Best is Yet to Come.” -Lisa Su

AMD is continuing a torrid pace of supercomputer wins. Atos had announced a contract to supply a BullSequana X supercomputer to the Institute of Interdisciplinary Physics and Complex Systems (IFISC) in Spain, as reported by InsideHPC. Meanwhile, UK's AWE (Atomic Weapons Establishment) had chosen Cray's Shasta supercomputer, using Epyc 7542. Performance is around 7 petaflops, as reported by… Continue reading 11/6/2019 “The Best is Yet to Come.” -Lisa Su

7/30/19 Rome Launches on August 7th!

Finally AMD reported Q2 2019. After hours AMD was down big due to the initial disappointment of soft guidance for the whole year and Q3, but after people started to digest the earnings call, AMD recovered to $33.50, only 4% down. The most notable item is that AMD is now guiding mid single digit growth… Continue reading 7/30/19 Rome Launches on August 7th!

6/7/19 More Epyc HPC Wins! AMD 31.81 to 32.41

https://insidehpc.com/2019/06/atos-to-deploy-most-powerful-supercomputer-in-norway/ This HPC in Norway uses Rome. Peak performance is 5.9 petaflops. https://insidehpc.com/2019/06/cray-to-build-big-red-200-supercomputer-for-indiana-university/ This HPC at Indiana University also uses Rome. Peak performance is also 5.9 petaflops. It is telling that these HPCs are choosing Rome over well established Intel Xeon chips. That means Naples had laid the necessary groundwork so that these HPCs are… Continue reading 6/7/19 More Epyc HPC Wins! AMD 31.81 to 32.41

6/3/19 Samsung Chose AMD Radeon RDNA for Mobile GPU! AMD 27.41 to 27.58

This news came out of nowhere. I must give AMD and Samsung lots of credit for keeping this very quiet. In the Sept 2016 article below, Samsung was to pick either AMD or Nvidia and ditch Qualcomm. Now two and a half years later, Samsung picked AMD! https://www.gsmarena.com/samsung_wants_to_use_amd_or_nvidia_gpus_in_its_exynos_chipsets_plans_to_ditch_qualcomm_for_good_in_2-news-20441.php One should recall that AMD had famously… Continue reading 6/3/19 Samsung Chose AMD Radeon RDNA for Mobile GPU! AMD 27.41 to 27.58

1/23/19 AMD 19.76 to 19.80

Today we are all waiting for the Intel ER tomorrow. There are many articles to go over! https://www.reddit.com/r/AMD_Insights/comments/ail076/sugon_increases_stake_in_thatic/ AMD's JV with THATIC/Sugon so far has been a mystery. This post is from Reddit AMD_Insight, run by user kd-_. There are articles from http://guba.eastmoney.com which were translated by user ryanmononoke. Thanks to them for finding and… Continue reading 1/23/19 AMD 19.76 to 19.80