5/6/19 SemiAccurate Conference Call AMD 28.22 to 27.42

https://www.reddit.com/r/AMD_Stock/comments/bll3pp/notes_from_semiaccurates_cc_with_susquehanna_this/ Charlie Demerjian of SemiAccurate did a conference call with Susquehanna today. A Reddit user Long_on_AMD did an excellent job making a long list of all the pertinent highlights. Here are just some of the points: Intel's 10 nm effort will be a slow rollout, paper launch, and capacity is constrained because only one or… Continue reading 5/6/19 SemiAccurate Conference Call AMD 28.22 to 27.42

1/23/19 AMD 19.76 to 19.80

Today we are all waiting for the Intel ER tomorrow. There are many articles to go over! https://www.reddit.com/r/AMD_Insights/comments/ail076/sugon_increases_stake_in_thatic/ AMD's JV with THATIC/Sugon so far has been a mystery. This post is from Reddit AMD_Insight, run by user kd-_. There are articles from http://guba.eastmoney.com which were translated by user ryanmononoke. Thanks to them for finding and… Continue reading 1/23/19 AMD 19.76 to 19.80