6/5/19 Rome Beats Xeon Platinum! AMD 29.57 to 29.50

At Computex AMD demoed Rome to give twice the performance over Intel Xeon Platinum 8280.

Intel disputed this demo. Instead Intel wanted to use their Xeon Platinum 9242 and 9282 to compare with Rome.

Read through this article one will find that Xeon Platinum 9200s are hugely more expensive than AMD’s Epyc and uses much more power. Additionally, the article below details how Xeon Platinum 9200 series totally lack mainstream support and therefore is only for niche application like HPC.

There are a lot of technical information on how the benchmarks are run, and how they are optimized for Intel vs AMD. Suffice to say, Rome will offer more performance at a lower cost while using lower power. When one considers the security risks that comes with Intel chips, the adoption of Epyc will only accelerate.

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