6/6/19 Stadia Hits Homerun! AMD 29.50 to 31.81

Google Stadia announced specs and pricing this morning. 4K resolution at 60 fps. Stadia Pro subscription is at $10 a month. Founder’s Edition is at $130, which includes all necessary hardwares to get started, plus three free months ($30).

Pricing is excellent. Twitter responses have been very positive.


On a side note, Morgan Stanley’s Joseph Moore upgraded AMD to equal weight at $28. Previously he had a sell on AMD (PT $17) back in March when AMD was around $23 to 24. He has been a perma bear on AMD and had set a PT of $65 for Intel. Intel is at $44 today. Either he is just plain wrong and stupid, or he is simply allowing Morgan Stanley to buy cheap AMD shares.

I feel the Stadia’s promising future is much more responsible for AMD’s rise in price today than Joseph Moore’s idiotic call. Stadia will use Radeon and Epyc/Rome. That’s my prediction. Stadia will need to buy plenty of AMD chips because the gaming cloud will need to handle not just the average traffic but PEAK traffic at ALL times. That’s a lot of AMD hardware going into the Google Stadia cloud, at very nice GM!

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