5/16/19 Nvidia Blames Pause! AMD 27.58 to 28.01

Nvidia reported after hours, consisting of a slight revenue beat of $2.2B and earning of $0.88 vs. $0.81, both are well off Q1 from last year. Inventory of $1.43B is still quite high, a little lower than the previous $1.57B, but well above $0.8B average in the past. Datacenter GPU is down somewhat. Some big customers are PAUSING. Gaming GPU is doing better. Amazingly, Nvidia has no good visibility in datacenter for the next Q and is not providing guidance for fiscal 2020. Nvidia was up big around 6% AH but with the CC pulled back to only 1% gain AH.

Overall this bodes well for AMD. Gaming recovery is good for AMD as well, especially with Navi coming out soon. Datacenter loss by Nvidia is likely AMD’s gain. AMD has no visibility problem!

Sony is partnering with Microsoft! They are trying to counter Google’s Stadia. We will find out more at E3 for sure, regarding XCloud. Meanwhile, GeForce Now has no major content partners.


Lisa Su lands yet another keynote speech, this time at Hot Chips 2019, to take place in August 2019. The hits just keep on coming.

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