5/15/19 Epyc in Chinese Exascale Supercomputer AMD 27.32 to 27.58

The annual meeting this morning did not yield any surprises. Lisa Su stated Ryzen 3, Rome and Navi all due in Q3. While people may be disappointed with that time frame, wishing the launch to be sooner, but with Q2 only half over, AMD likely does not want to ruin sales through end of June. At the same time, it is quite obvious that AMD is clearing stock. There are now many discounts available for Ryzen 2 CPUs and all Radeon cards, Radeon VII excluded.

In the race to building the first exascale supercomputer, China opted for a three-pronged approach. Previously China had funded three pre-exascale supercomputers. See link below.


One of the three systems uses Sugon Dhyana CPU, which is licensed AMD Epyc 1 (Naples). Now the Sugon effort will continue to use Dhyana for the exascale supercomputer, due in 2020, one year ahead of the Frontier supercomputer. AMD has yet to license Rome to Sugon as far as I know.

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