5/14/19 AMD to Host Next Horizon Gaming at E3 AMD 26.24 to 27.32

With no news on the trade war front, AMD made a nice recovery today.


AMD announced that they will host the Next Horizon Gaming event at E3 on 6/10/19. It is anticipated that AMD will launch the Ryzen 3/Epyc 2 (Rome) at Computex 2019, and the Navi GPUs at E3. Also, Microsoft will likely make a big splash with XBox and XCloud at E3 as well.

There are a slew of positive events coming up, starting with AMD’s annual shareholder meeting 5/15/19, followed by Nvidia’s ER on 5/16/19. Then there are Computex and E3. This will be a very exciting thirty days for AMD investors.

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