1/22/19 AMD 20.77 to 19.76

Entire market down big. World economy slowdown and trade war worries.


In this article: “Strong demand in the PC and server markets drove Intel’s (INTC) revenue in 2018. This unexpected demand created a CPU supply shortage for Intel in the second half of the year.”

Fake news! It was widely reported that Intel was having trouble supplying enough CPU because it had to increase core count on its CPU to compete with AMD and that OEM’s were complaining Intel was not supplying the needed CPUs. Instead Intel spun that there’s increase in PC market. Intel’s CPU revenue may well be increased because of higher ASP, but unit volume can’t possibly be up. Intel’s Q4 may hide such fact. We will see by Jan 24.

This is reminiscent of Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang blaming AMD for having flooded the channel with cheap GPU’s and ruining sales for Nvidia’s high end GPU’s. If your competitor can flood the channel and ruin your sale, that is called taking market share from you!

Meanwhile, Nvidia’s inventory had gone up the last three quarters.

April 2018 $797 millio

July 2018 $1090 millions

October 2018 $1,417 million

AMD EPYC™ Partner Testimonial: Mellanox Technologies

“Mellanox partners with AMD for HPC successes, including Microsoft Azure HB instances”


According to this Forbes article, sale of PS4 for holidays 2018 is estimated to be 5.5 million units. This is not bad for end of cycle PS4.

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