2/1/19 AMD 24.41 to 24.51


“Nvidia encountered weak demand in data center business, just like Intel. But it will recover faster than Intel because of demand for parallel processing and AI. Nevertheless AMD and Xilinx had great data center business, because they benefited from gaining market share”. This is more BS because AMD is taking market share from Nvidia precisely in the parallel and AI space.

Dylan522p tweeted today that “Rumor is that #AMD is selling DC GPUs packaged with #Epyc Rome CPUs. They are reducing the future price of a volume of Rome, and pulling in additional revenue for DC GPU. This allows hyperscalers to get the GPU at low price+partial prepayment for Rome for guaranteed early supply.” In short, hyperscalers are buying Radeon Instinct and getting dibs on Rome, getting a discount on either Instinct or Epyc, depending on the accounting, but the idea is the same. AMD is packaging their CPU and GPU together, something neither Intel nor Nvidia can do on their own. This can explain why some HPC entities are already committed to Rome or even Milan, when they are not even out yet. AMD is already getting prepayment for Epyc 2 (Rome). This is why Lisa Su can be so sure about H2 revenue! Orders are already in.



More drivel from Motley Fool. I am not in mood to go over this BS right now.

I sold more covered call with strike 27.5 expiry March 8, 2019 for 80 cents.

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