1/31/19 AMD 23.09 to 24.41

The big news. Bob Swan the interim Intel CEO is now the permanent one. Intel down, AMD up big. Nvidia also up, though that’s probably due to FB pulling Nasdaq up. People seemed relieved that Lisa Su did not go to Intel, like some of ex-AMDers such as Jim Kelley and Raja.




All eyes are on H2 2019 for AMD. AMD will be making less money from the cheaper GPU and consoles (lower margin) and more money from Epyc, Instinct and Ryzen (higher margin). GM will go up because of product mix. I remember there was one quarter when AMD made good revenue but GM was not higher, and share price got punished severely.

One more thing I forgot to include previously. AMD will pay off debt due in March 2019, and after that nothing due until 2022.

It now appears I sold covered call one day too early as AMD went past 25 before pulling back. The nice thing is the put I sold did well. So one can sell call and put simultaneously, and do well one way or another. One can close out a position early one way or another, before expiry.

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