2/7/19 Radeon 7 Launched! AMD 23.26 to 22.67

Sold out very quickly worldwide, in one and a half hour supposedly. It’s not clear how many units were initially available, though there was a rumor of 5000. UK supposedly had 100 units at launch. Thereafter all sites were reporting “out of stock”. UK reported to restock on February 12. Websites such as AMD, Newegg and Amazon showed OOS very quickly.

There are many reviews and benchmarks. For gaming, most place the Radeon 7 around or below the Nvidia RTX 2080 level. It is expected that with drivers improvement, Radeon cards usually perform better with time (so called Fine Wine). Because of Radeon’s smaller team size, it takes them longer to get drivers optimized.

Because of the 16 GB VRAM, and superior compute capability, it is also felt that Radeon 7 will be excellent for content creation, professional video and 3D work. Additionally some games are already requiring 8 to 12 GB of VRAM, so 16 GB VRAM (especially since it’s HBM) is much more future proof. Radeon 7 is not a game changer, but it does put AMD in the RTX 2080 (same as GTX 1080Ti) range, where it was absent before. All in all, I think this is a good move by AMD.








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