3/22/19 Market/Tech down big AMD 27.89 to 26.37

AdoredTV on Google Stadia

Jim at AdoredTV released this video about Google Stadia. He is very positive about the prospect of Stadia and how AMD will benefit from this partnership. AMD was specifically and prominently mentioned by the presenter, and he thanked Lisa Su by name. Jim thinks the customized GPU is a 16 GB (instead of 32 GB) version of the Radeon Pro V340. The CPU being used may well be Intel currently. After all, Stadia is built upon Google’s current infrastructure, which uses Intel CPU mostly. However, Jim speculates that Google will switch to 7 nm GPU and CPU by AMD very soon. This is why Google made sure not to mention Intel at all during the presentation. With 7500 plus edge node locations around the world, there will be a lot of AMD GPU being used!

Lisa Su had said “we love gaming and we love cloud gaming”. She had also said “console is a very good business for us”. Not only AMD can make money from discrete GPU’s, but now it looks like AMD is/will be the preferred cloud/data center GPU provider especially since AMD’s APUs have been used by the consoles like PS4 and Xbox. Microsoft XCloud and Google Stadia are going to be big, and it may even help with Epyc adoption!

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