3/30/19 AMD Chiplets!

AMD’s Epyc 2 (codename Rome) has eight 7 nm chiplets, each has eight cores. See image below.

Epyc 2 (Rome)

AMD’s Zen 2 as shown by Lisa Su at 2019 CES also showed an eight core 7 nm chiplet, with the potential of adding a second eight core chiplet on the same CPU. See image below.

Zen 2 at CES 2019

Jim at AdoredTV has speculated that AMD’s next gen console chips will also utilize the same chiplets. This will allow AMD to mass produce the same chiplets for Xbox, PS5, Ryzen 3rd gen and Epyc 2 (Rome). With such an expansion of production, AMD can achieve much better binning, the way Intel had been binning because of their massive volume. AMD can use the best silicon for the high end uses (like Epyc 2 or top shelf Ryzen 3rd gen), and the lesser silicon for the game consoles. Meanwhile, AMD will use Global Foundry to make the I/O dies for all their CPUs, thus fulfilling their WSA without suffering any penalty.


Scaleway is yet another wins for AMD. They are using AMD across the board.


Asus is preparing to launch a very extensive lineup of premium AMD X570 motherboards. All of these are the first to offer PCIe 4.0 capability.

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