4/1/19 Another AdoredTV Epyc 2 Video! Even More Epyc. AMD 25.52 to 26.36

Even more Epyc!

Jim at AdoredTV released yet another YouTube video on Rome, this time suspiciously on April 1. Alas it is serious work, thank God.

To summarize, and I am quoting Jim here entirely with apology to him:

“No more NUMA, but a new Uniform Memory Access scheme”

“Rome has 3200 MT/s DDR4 compatibility.”

“64 cores Rome will clock slightly faster than the 32 cores Naples.”

“HPC and hyperscalers will get Rome in March, with OEM (general) availability in June or July.”

“Rome’s all core boost may be up to 3Ghz, up from Naples’s all cores boost of 2.7 Ghz. Base clock only up by 100MHz.”

“PCIe lanes up from 128 to 160 for more cards and drives.”

“Memory speed will increase further.”

“Rome already has over 100 design wins.” From another new source.”

“The best performance/power chiplets are used in Rome, the fastest but worse performance/power chiplets are used in Ryzen.”

This one is slightly disappointing. “Ryzen 3000 not coming very soon, Chipset problem, not the chip itself. So motherboards are delayed pass Computex. Something about Thunderbolt 3 compatibility also.”

All in all, if these are true, then Rome is a beast for sure. It is even better that Rome has shipped to HPC and hyperscalers in March with general availability in June/July.

As for Ryzen 3000, previous guidance was for mid 2019. So if it is later than July, AMD will have to update at the Q1 ER CC in about three weeks. Only time will tell.

This is a great presentation at the HPC Conference at Rice University by Forrest Norrod in March 2019, which was quoted by Jim in his video, for those who are interested.

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