5/8/19 Ryzen Pro in Lenovo’s ThinkPads AMD 26.66 to 27.09

https://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2019/05/lenovo-adds-amd-ryzen-pro-powered-laptops-to-its-thinkpad-family/ https://news.lenovo.com/pressroom/press-releases/thinkpad-reliability-amd-ryzen-pro-mobile-processors/ AMD is finally getting into notebooks. More importantly, AMD is also getting into corporate/business notebooks with the 2nd gen Ryzen Pro CPUs. This is a very important segment for volume and profitability. Lisa Su did mention that AMD has many design wins in the notebook segment in 2019, a big increase over 2018.

1/27/19 Sunday

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wjVjHce8uME AdoredTV came out with this video discussing Zen 2. In summary, 7 nm chiplets for everything AMD is making (non-Radeon). This will be great for binning, because they can use same chiplets for consoles. Customized 14 nm I/O dies for server, Ryzen, APU and Ryzen mobile. 5 GHz is likely. L3 cache is doubled.… Continue reading 1/27/19 Sunday