4/8/19 Epyc Rome PCIe Gen4 Lanes Galore! AMD 28.98 to 28.53

Why AMD EPYC Rome 2P Will Have 128-160 PCIe Gen4 Lanes and a Bonus

In this highly technical article Patrick Kennedy talked about how Intel’s latest Xeon Scalable (Cascade Lake) CPUs are still using PCIe Gen3 lanes, whereas AMD’s Rome will have up to 162 PCIe Gen4 lanes for 2P and 129 PCIe Gen4 lanes for 1P. This is significant because PCIe Gen4 is an important upgrade from Gen3, plus more lanes will allow “for applications like GPU compute, NVMe storage, traditional SAS storage, and Xilinx CCIX FPGAs.”

AMD EPYC Rome 7nm Server Processors Could Feature Up To 162 PCIe Gen 4 Lanes, More Than Twice As Much As Intel’s Xeon 9200 CPUs

In this article, Hassan Mujtaba went over the above Servethehome article, and further showed Twitter postings by the RetiredEngineer Chiakokhua and his diagrams.

Chiakokhua Rome 4P diagram

BofA Merrill Lynch upgraded AMD, PT raised from 30 to 35.

[AMD, Intel analyst commentary at BofA/Merrill  AMD price target raised to $35 from $30 at BofA/Merrill. BofA/Merrill analyst Vivek Arya raised his price target on AMD (AMD) to $35 and kept his Buy rating, also raising his FY20 EPS view by 10% to $1.10. The analyst cites the availability of new products given the second half of 2019 ramp of new EPYC-2 server, reduced costs, and the potential for more benign price competition, “with key rival Intel’s (INTC) stable pricing of new Cascade Lake server products.”]

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