4/9/19 Xbox Scarlett Speculation AMD 28.53 to 27.24

Once again it’s days like this that makes me glad having sold AMD covered calls against my non-core AMD holding. Collecting options premium at 1% per week is pretty good return from my AMD options holding (non-core).


This article speculated on the upcoming Xbox consoles, for both the full and streaming versions.

“Google touted the power of its cloud-based Stadia platform as being more powerful than both the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X, hitting around 10.7 teraflops. Leading game journalist Jason Schreier commented on Resetera that both Sony and Microsoft are aiming higher than 10.7 TF for its next-gen consoles.”

[“The only thing to know for sure is that both Sony and Microsoft are aiming higher than that “10.7 teraflops” number that Google threw out last week. (And, as has been reported, Microsoft’s got a few things in the works.”]

If Sony and Microsoft aim higher than Google’s 10.7 teraflops performance, then AMD can only reap the benefit from such competition!



The above two articles showed AMD is gaining ground in the notebook segment.

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