4/10/19 AMD Chromebooks AMD 27.24 to 27.83


Cowen raised PT from 28 to 33. While I agree with the upgrade, the timing of this new recommendation is not impressive. If this had come out on 1/31/19 right after AMD’s Q4 ER, when AMD had already gone from 19 to 23, then retail investors could have benefited much more from his “foresight”. When this came out, AMD had already hit 29, so the upside is not amazing.


The most important quote from this article:

“as an estimated 9 million servers around the globe are approaching the end of their five-year lifespan in data centers.”

How much server business Rome can win in 2019?


This is good news. AMD is now in Chromebook, but only using the older APUs for the entry level segment.

From the Aboutchromebooks.com article which this article quoted:

 “it appears that Zork is the code-name for a reference device using the Trembyle board. Aside from the gaming nostalgia of the name Zork, the more interesting aspect of this device is that it will use an AMD processor that’s more capable than the ones used in current Chromebooks.”

Zork will be powered by a Picasso chipset, which is similar to the Intel U-Series chips found in high-end Chromebooks today such as the Acer Chromebook Spin 13 and Lenovo Yoga Chromebook C630.”

“However, the base frequency for AMD’s silicon is a faster 2.1GHz compared to the base 1.6GHz of the Core i5. And in turbo or burst mode, the AMD 3500U clocks in at 3.7GHz, slightly above the Core i5’s 3.4GHz. All things being equal, the same device using the AMD Picasso should outperform the comparable Core i5.”

In other words, Google is working on a new reference design, intending to use AMD’s Picasso APU, aiming at the higher end Chromebook market. This reference design will be used by all the OEMs in future generations of Chromebooks.

This means that AMD is not in Chromebooks only as a stopgap measure due to the Intel chips shortage.

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